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Life's a journey and not a destination. The flourishing Tourism Industry is a proof of it. Though, the Earth is round, but it has several places in all the nooks and corners of it. India, being a cultural & heritage country offers some of the best scenic places that can neither be seen nor be felt. Be it your desire to witness the ripples in the water through your naked eyes or your wishlist to experience the traditional lifestyle of the villages, Divine India Tour is the mediator to get your dreams come true. Aren’t there times when you are confused from where to start your tour with, the places to prioritize, the budget to be framed and so on? Our tour consultant individually strategies the trip as per the requirement of the travellers.

India, has several unique archeological sites, historical monuments, religious, cultural, yogic and heritage sites that deserves a visit from all the wanderers. Being a part of the aarti at Haridwar is a pure bliss. A visit to Char Dham is holy in nature. Experiencing the Golden Triangle is a joyous event in itself. Thus, Divine India Tour promotes Tourism in all the forms. You will not get to see the beauty of India, but also about Vedic knowledge, ancient culture and the Indian Sanskriti.

About the Founder:

Jagonnatha Sarkar is a graduate in Ancient and Mediaeval Indian history from North Bengal University. He also underwent Teachers Training in Bhakti Sastri. He is a passionate soul who out of his sheer interest learnt more and more about the Vedas, explored nature and went in search of the hidden meaning of life. He is a voracious reader and an avid traveller who has covered most of the cultural, heritage, pilgrimage and leisure places. He aims at sharing his wisdom with as many people as possible and make it a holy place to live.

Our Tour Package Includes:
Cultural Tours in India
Heritage Tours
Adventure Tours in India
Educational Tour
Enlightenment Journeys in India
Recreation Holidays in India
Special Interest Journeys in India
Golden Triangle Tour (Delhi, Jaipur, Agra)
Pilgrimage tours
Archeological tours
Yoga retreat tours
Hindu pilgrimage tour
Chardham Pilgrimage Tour
Jagannath/Mayapura/Dwarka Dham Yatra
Tirupati Balaji Darshan Tour Package
Dwadash (12) Jyotirlinga Temples Tour
Yamunotri Gangotri Do Dham Yatra Package
Kedarnath and Badrinath Do Dham Yatra Package
MIC;E (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions)
Special festival tours (organized during important Hindu festivals celebrated across the country).

Our Strength:
Our team is our strength. We have professionals with diversified knowledge who are keen in making a difference to the world. They are honest, reliable and technically sound. We value your emotions and will ensure a successful trip. Contact our support team in case of any queries. We are 24/7 at your service.

Our Collaborations:
For the safety and comfort of the tourists, we have tied up with several premium class hotels where luxury and budget goes hand-in-hand. A hassle free stay along with a memorable trip is what we offer to our guests.


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